The Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group (WM) supports the highest level of professional practice in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity throughout the lifecycle. This dietetic practice group connects the public, scientific organizations, and industry to dietetics professionals with an expertise in weight management.

WM continually strives to provide its 4,700+ members with a wealth of information, tools, and resources to maximize their effectiveness in providing weight management nutrition services and programs to patients, clients, and customers.


Empower members to be the nations weight management and lifestyle change leaders.


Optimize the nations health through weight and lifestyle management.

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*Any individual, organization or corporation not eligible for ADA membership may join as a Friend of WM. To join as a Friend of WM, please call the WM office at 303.627.9207 or email ppeirce@aol.com

  • Non-ADA individual: 50 per year
  • Non-ADA corporate: 100 per year