Ways to Increase Business in a Weight Loss Clinic

Danny had tried every modern diet available and could probably write a book about it. If a weight loss program featured on TV or was mentioned at the gym, he had most likely tried it. However, he never succeeded until he joined a weight loss clinic. Most customers choose between weight loss program sources according to what they want as opposed to what they need. This is because most people believe in reducing food consumption and exercising as the perfect way to lose weight.

Weight loss clinics, however, offer different programs altogether with the aid and supervision of doctors. To get customers like Danny, increasing business in a weight loss clinic means giving customers what they want as well as what they need and become widely visible to all sort of customers. So let’s take a look at the techniques that can increase business for weight loss clinic.

  1. Marketing

Every business or service provider such as weight loss clinic needs marketing. But to be effective, they have to reach their target audience efficiently. Internet marketing is a growing trend that has gained root as the number of Internet users increases; it allows businesses to gain visibility and get in front of targeted audiences. The generation Z especially spends most of its time online. Putting marketing efforts where they can be seen guarantees business because there is someone always thinking about losing weight.

Therefore, a weight loss clinic should invest strategically in internet marketing so they are able to reach more targeted customer while getting the best return on their investment. The best approach to internet marketing would be to start with paid marketing which is also known as Pay Per Click while simultaneously running SEO campaign, both of these services are offered by a firm like Webs Union.

  1. Creating variety

Most customers want an easy, enjoyable way to lose weight. In addition to providing what they need, an insightful business that wants to grow should also provide what they think the customer needs. New products like spa products, skin care products, aromatherapy, and few other products can increase revenue when they appeal to the customer. Weight loss clinic’s staff should know how to cross-sell additional items with the main item a customer is looking for.

  1. Controlling attrition

Attrition can occur due to satisfaction with a business’ products leading to weight loss goal achievements or a disappointment like in Danny’s case. Increasing business means countering attrition by mostly using satisfied customers as sales people. Irresistible discounts and a personal touch should encourage dropouts. Maintenance programs and recognition will motivate existing customers who act as marketers for a business mainly through referrals.

  1. Establishing partnerships and cross promotions

Beneficial partnerships for a weight loss clinic can be with local doctors, bridal boutiques, cosmetic & beauty shops, local gyms, and many others. Compensating partners gives them the incentive to get more people involved. The best way to compensate is by cross promoting each other’s products and services. It not only reduces cost but leads to a wider target audience. Networking with professionals brings credible exposure that will get customers trooping to a business.

  1. Hosting events and webinars

Live events are known to draw the most attention from viewers or attendees, as they are considered authentic and not scripted in any way. Tools like Facebook Live offer webinar services that are simple to use and not costly at all. Weight gain and loss information topics or other related topics of interest should be discussed at these events. Inviting people to attend or marketing prior to events attracts potential customers who may get interested.


Attracting new customers is not everything. A business must also possess critical skills to survive in an industry. It is good to always keep abreast of upcoming trends, products, and services.