Obesity Related Articles

Ron Sansone

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Tracking awareness of obesity has traditionally been a challenge, but our understanding of obesity awareness is advancing due to new innovations in search engine monitoring.

The Value of Physical Activity in Fighting Chronic Health Conditions

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Reduce the risk of adverse health outcomes
 see how the workplace plays a critical role in helping employees become more physically active and foster a healthy mindset.

Ending the Fear and Guilt Associated with Being Overweight

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: There is hope! There is a solution. The impossible dream of successful and sustained weight loss can be achieved.

For Women: Menopause Can Be GOOD for Your Health

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Yes, it’s true. Menopause, with all its difficult symptoms,can be GOOD for your health. Let me explain.

Healthful Bites

WLS Premium ContentHealthful Bites

Vicki Bovee, MS, RD

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Please Pass Up the Salt Shaker

Tricks of the Trade

WLS Premium ContentTricks of the Trade

David Fouts


Ask Dr. Huberman

WLS Premium ContentAsk Dr. Huberman

Warren Huberman, Ph.D.

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Clinical psychologist, Dr. Warren Huberman answers your questions.

One More: Why Be Healthy?

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: If you were to ask people, “What are three things you would wish for if you could wish for anything?” Chances are you would find some variation of “being healthy” on most people’s lists. This article provides a few reminders why staying healthy should be a constant goal in our lives.

Cleveland Clinic Pioneers a Lifestyle 180 From Obesity

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Dr. Michael Roizen and his dream team from The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute are helping people reverse the pain, fatigue, and debilitating effects of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. Learn how to reclaim years of your life through an innovative program called Lifestyle 180.

In Dana’s Shoes

In Dana’s Shoes

Lisa Samalonis

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: One woman’s video journey through bariatric surgery.