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One of the most common reasons smart, capable women stay trapped in cycles of struggling with [overload, overwhelm, and

Food and Weight Battles:

Melissa McCreery, PhD

As long as you are battling, food cannot be your friend. Learn how to have peace with food.

When the going gets tough—many women just want a carb-fest. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how not to turn to food for stress relief or comfort. See my answer here.

My guess is that emotional eating haunts most women who are struggling with weight loss. It’s a major cause of diet failure (although we all know diets don’t really work anyway) and a huge

Emotional eating is a tough habit to break, and let’s face it—the urge to overeat usually happens when we are not at our best. Here are some tips to help you be more proactive about addressing emotional eating concerns.

Are you fed up with struggling with overeating, starting another d-i-e-t that you know will probably blow up on you, or wishing your pants were not so tight?

Here are five simple things you can implement today to control your cravings, eat less, and thrive more.

Change is not a one-shot-deal, especially as it relates to emotional eating. Are you letting new tools in? Are you struggling to be tougher, have more willpower, or resign yourself to deprivation?

Emotional eating happens when you aren’t getting or giving yourself what you really need. Food becomes a way of trying to cope with feelings—to numb them, change them, or to try to comfort yourself when you have feelings that you don’t want to deal with directly. Many busy women trace their emotional eating to time issues. When life feels so full and complicated, it’s easy to experience analysis paralysis about how or where to begin. Here are 3 simple tips to help you claim more time and stop using food as a way to take care of you.

Many smart women struggle with their weight and many busy, successful professional women resort to food to cope with the stress, uncertainty, and other emotions that occur in a full, high-pressure life. Unfortunately, for many, these battles with food become vicious cycles. If you are a high-achiever—a woman who is successful in many areas of her life who finds herself stuck in these cycles—there is a way out.

Here are three tips to start breaking the yo-yo diet emotional eating cycle.

Emotional eating is a powerful force that can become a deeply ingrained, almost automatic response to certain feelings. Breaking free of emotional eating (and most overeating) means honoring the

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