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Searching for Answers: Tracking Obesity Awareness through Google

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Tracking awareness of obesity has traditionally been a challenge, but our understanding of obesity awareness is advancing due to new innovations in search engine monitoring.

Understanding Sarah Ferguson

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, shares her inspiring journey to reinvention and healing. Having triumphed over divorce and near-bankruptcy in her quest for better health and happiness, she shares important lessons for long-term success. Read this inspiring story about how this mother, advocate, businesswoman, philanthropist and best-selling author has achieved peace through a better understanding of herself.

Getting a Grip on Your Life

WLS Premium ContentGetting a Grip on Your Life

Lee Kern, MSW, LCSW

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: A five-step life goals exercise to help you manage your time and feel more in control.

What to do About Comfort Eating

WLS Premium ContentWhat to do About Comfort Eating

Melissa McCreery, Ph.D., ACC

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Don’t let it sabotage your weight loss plan. Craft alternative comfort strategies to help you be effective with your healthy lifestyle choices.

The Value of Physical Activity in Fighting Chronic Health Conditions

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Reduce the risk of adverse health outcomes
 see how the workplace plays a critical role in helping employees become more physically active and foster a healthy mindset.

Quantum Weight Loss

WLS Premium ContentQuantum Weight Loss

Dr. Russ L’HommeDieu, DPT

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Change your thoughts about perceived failures of the past by controlling your attitudes in the present.

Ending the Fear and Guilt Associated with Being Overweight

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: There is hope! There is a solution. The impossible dream of successful and sustained weight loss can be achieved.

For Women:  Menopause Can Be GOOD for Your Health

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Yes, it’s true. Menopause, with all its difficult symptoms,can be GOOD for your health. Let me explain.

Partnering with Your Adjustable Gastric Band

WLS Premium ContentPartnering with Your Adjustable Gastric Band

Lori Sperling Nevins, MSW, LCSW

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Solutions to common challenges and support resources that can help keep you moving in a positive direction.

Healthy Eating Habits For Kids

WLS Premium ContentHealthy Eating Habits For Kids

Rachel Lerner, CNC, FNC

BRIEF ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Is your home filled with healthy foods? Follow these basic guidelines and take control of the meals & snacks you serve in your home.

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