Have you lost that “Losing” Feeling?

By: Cher Ewing

It’s like when the new car smell leaves and we start treating our Twenty Five thousand dollar car like a Five hundred dollar Junker. It’s the same principle the newness of it all has faded and we feel like we can revert back to old eating habits. I don’t think we set out to do this on a conscience level; but we do it none the less. So how do you get it back, well we have to start with being honest with ourselves.

Ask yourself “What changed?” to make you want to revert to your old eating habits and exercise habits. Does your job suck, and you hate your boss, Are you fighting with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, does the price of gas have you freaking out? All of these could be triggers that are leading you down a road of destructive behavior.

If you are reaching for food to help take away the “feeling of being overwhelmed” you are “stuffing” what you really feel. This is a behavior we were used to doing, it’s familiar, and it’s our safe haven. This is the time to say “NO” I am not going to reach for food to stuff what I’m feeling, this time I am really going to feel what I feel and work through it without reaching for food.

Trust me others are freaked out by the price of gas, a lot of folks think their job sucks and they hate their boss and guess what they have fights with their significant other. But there is a difference they don’t all reach for food to help get them through their tough times.

You have adopted a new “Lifestyle” and with this new lifestyle is a new relationship with food. Food is fuel, it’s just that simple. The only way to avoid reaching for food; is to have a plan or multiple plans in place when these occurrences present themselves. Instead of reaching for food to take away the “feeling of being overwhelmed” decide what your plan is.

It’s your plan; so make it be something you know you will do. For example when a trigger strikes plan on taking a walk to clear your mind, or you could go to the movies and get lost in someone else’s problems (skip the popcorn with the vat of butter), schedule a manicure or a massage so you can relax (this works for guys too). Or find a hobby that keeps you busy and your mind off of food.

When you are in a state that is ripe for triggers, you have to remember why you had your surgery in the first place. You wanted to become healthy, strong emotionally and physically, you were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Reaching for food is what led you to the OR to have surgery. Reaching for food is what got you to size 18,20,22,24 and so forth. Reaching for food is what made you depressed and angry at yourself. Reaching for food is what left you with that lonely isolated feeling. Reaching for food is the “LIE” everything is going to be better. Reaching for food is a band aid to the real problem. We can make food whatever we want it to be; we can justify this in our minds. But guess what who suffers in the long run “YOU DO”. Now you have a new lease on life, Reaching for food was your “OLD” way of doing things.

Now that you have a “Plan” there is no excuse to reach for food to stuff your feelings. We did that far too long and we know where that got us. Each one of you deserves to have a successful “WLS Journey”.

It’s ok to remind yourself why you had your surgery in the first place, remember where you came from and where you want to go. Is it hard “You bet it’s hard” but if it wasn’t hard where would the reward be in it? You want to feel like you have accomplished something, you are successful, you overcame the fear and you crossed the finish line.

Cher Ewing, CC www.bandedtogether.net